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Men Classic Swiss Light Brown Hooded Leather Jacket

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Feature Points:

  1. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in refined elegance with our meticulously selected faded brown leather, a testament to enduring sophistication.
  2. Timeless Fusion: Embrace the classic allure of a bomber jacket, seamlessly interwoven with modern sensibilities and accented by ribbed cuffs and a waist.
  3. Weather-Ready Confidence: Conquer changing elements in style with a jacket tailored to protect you, offering year-round comfort and protection.
  4. Ribbed Charm: Discover functional fashion with carefully designed ribbed cuffs and a ribbed waist, adding a touch of texture to the bomber aesthetic.
  5. Unrestricted Movement: Beyond its fashion-forward look, our jacket prioritizes comfort, empowering you to move freely and embrace every moment.
  6. Meticulous Detailing: Each stitch and element is a showcase of artisanal precision, elevating the jacket to a wearable work of art.
  7. Faded Brown Palette: The muted brown hue adds depth and character, effortlessly complementing your versatile wardrobe choices.
  8. Define Your Style: Express your journey through style with a Men Classic Swiss Light brown hooded leather jacket that encapsulates your personality and fashion flair.

Description: Step into an era of effortless chic with our Men Classic Swiss Light Brown Hooded Leather Jacket. Crafted with the utmost care, every facet of this masterpiece reflects an unwavering commitment to quality, meticulously chosen to envelop you in a sense of timeless sophistication.

Experience the best of both worlds as classic bomber aesthetics merge seamlessly with contemporary sensibilities. Our jacket is a harmonious fusion, where the iconic bomber style meets modern design, accentuated by ribbed cuffs and a ribbed waist for a touch of texture and character.

When unpredictable weather comes your way, our jacket stands as your shield. Tailored to anticipate your needs, it effortlessly adapts to changing elements, ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the year.

Indulge in the charm of ribbed accents – our jacket boasts carefully designed ribbed cuffs and waist, adding depth to the bomber aesthetic while providing functional fashion that resonates with modern trends.

This jacket is more than just a fashion statement; it's an embodiment of unrestricted movement and comfort. Navigate life's adventures with ease, knowing that our premium faded brown leather jacket is designed to empower you every step of the way.

Each stitch, and every element speaks of meticulous detailing. The jacket transforms into a wearable masterpiece, a canvas of artisanal precision that is as much an art form as it is a fashion piece.

Discover the muted brown palette – a hue selected to infuse depth and character into your wardrobe. Seamlessly integrate it with your existing collection, breathing fresh life into your personal style.

Your journey is a narrative, and your style is the pen that writes it. Our Faded Brown Hooded Leather Jacket with a bomber look and ribbed accents is the instrument through which you express your unique identity, telling your story with every step you take.




We require 2-4 business days to pack, process and ship your order to the logistics company.
The delivery timeline extends to 3-5 business days.
*Please note that any customizations of the product in your order will extend the processing time.

Care instruction

You should avoid washing, bleaching, tumble drying, or ironing your leather jacket. Instead, opt for soft dry cleaning to keep it in good condition.

Size & Fit

Our jackets are designed to fit true to size. If you find yourself in between sizes, we suggest going for the larger size for a comfortable fit.
You can check out the complete size chart for more details.
Men Classic Swiss Light Brown Hooded Leather Jacket
Light Brown / XS - $179.00
  • Light Brown / XS - $179.00
  • Light Brown / S - $179.00
  • Light Brown / M - $179.00
  • Light Brown / L - $179.00
  • Light Brown / XL - $179.00
  • Light Brown / XXL - $179.00
  • Light Brown / XXXL - $179.00
  • Light Brown / Custom Size - $179.00

Men Classic Swiss Light Brown Hooded Leather Jacket

Customer Reviews

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"The fit is perfect, and it keeps me warm in cooler weather. It's both functional and stylish."


"I receive compliments every time I wear this jacket. It's a head-turner and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit."


The attention to detail in this jacket is evident. Every stitch and seam is perfectly executed.

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