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Without a Real and Genuine leather jacket, any wardrobe is simply incomplete. The concept to launch Leather Oxide began as a quest to provide high quality real, unadulterated Leather jackets to customers who are yearning to adorn themselves and bless their wardrobe, but end up buying and wasting their money on pseudo-outerwear which is a disgrace to the name leather jackets.


We were exhausted to reconcile between luxury and affordable latest fashion. On one hand, we have brands and labels that do offer quality leather jackets, but you need to pay through your nose to buy one. And on the other hand, we have some affordable stuff widespread in the market, but the quality is equivalent to rags, though it looks straight out of the ramp to walk those who know what real leather is cannot be fooled by that. Hence, we stepped up to fill this void and fulfill the desire of our valued customers to own a genuine leather jacket they would brag about without skipping monthly rent and groceries.

We established our brand Leather Oxide after realizing that this issue could be solved easily, and our customers deserved better. We know the invigorating feeling and sensation of wearing a leather jacket and we believe that everyone rightly deserves to experience it. Our goal was to make it easier for individuals to purchase high-quality leather jackets at reasonable prices.

At Leather Oxide, we offer premium quality real leather jackets by eliminating unnecessary exponentially priced jackets by taking some simple steps like developing and manufacturing in-house, selling directly to the customers, and leveraging just-in-time production. What makes us different is that we value our customers as if we are in their shoes and going through the catalog to buy the best available leather jacket, either from us or our special ones. Growing up in the 90s, a time when you would not step out without the layer of a genuine leather jacket, we want to transpire that feeling with the latest fashion trends and offer customized options to our clients that enable them to talk to our representatives, speak their heart out what sort of a jacket they need. Then we hand pick the finest leather, convey the specific requirements to our immensely experienced tailors whose finest needlework is a work of art and present to our customers, the product they requested fresh out of the oven as if it was 3D printed tailored to their requirements.

Our CEO Hassan Bin Asif is passionate about high-quality leather jackets at extremely reasonable prices and our goal is to provide every household with a fine real leather jacket embossed with the logo of Leather Oxide hanging in the wardrobe that would stay as good as new for years to come that you can pass on to your young ones, which is the dream of every fashion enthusiast.

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