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Men Stylish Leather Winter Coat
Regular price$282.00$187.00
    Women Distressed Biker Leather Jacket
    Regular price$325.00$169.00
      Constance Black Leather Jacket
      Regular price$279.00$159.00
        Priscilla Stylish Black Leather Jacket
        Regular price$315.00$159.00
          Men Wool Coat
          Regular price$259.00$129.00
            Men Wool Long Coat - Wool coat
            Regular price$259.00$129.00
              Mens Leather Bomber Jacket
              Regular price$259.00$175.00
                Men Quilted Biker Brown Leather Jacket
                Regular price$250.00$195.00
                  Men Wool Long Coat - Wool coat
                  Regular price$259.00$169.00
                    Men 90's Vintage Bomber Leather Jacket
                    Regular price$285.00$185.00
                      Men Real Leather Brown Biker Jacket
                      Regular price$329.00$179.00

                        Discover the latest leather fashion trends

                        At Leatheoxide, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and styles in leather fashion. Our New Arrivals page is your gateway to the newest, trendiest designs in leather jackets and coats. Whether you're a fashion-forward woman who wants to stand out or a stylish man with an impulse for classics, our new products will satisfy every taste.

                        For women:

                        Classic refinement
                        Our new leather jacket for women or men combines classic style with a modern twist. We have the latest designs to help you change your wardrobe, whether it's a tough black leather jacket or glam biker style.

                        The twist and turn of a rustic charm
                        Our latest creation is a modern interpretation of 'classical' style for women who love the earthy tones and rustic feel of brown leather. These jackets merge rugged elegance and contemporary style.

                        Luxury without cruelty
                        By choosing our ethical fashion line, you can accessorize your wardrobe in a variety of faux leather jackets. These fresh offerings have a cruelty-free and alluring vibe that is also conscious.

                        Embraced and confident
                        We've designed a new leather jacket that amplifies your confidence and strength. You'll be pleasantly surprised with these spacious yet stylish pieces.

                        Develop a unique approach

                        The red leather jackets from our latest collection are a must-have for those who want to impress and inspire confidence. They instantly inject a pop of color into your outfit and make you stand out.

                        A combination of luxury and convenience
                        Our latest offering includes leather blazers for women, which effortlessly merge elegance and fashion. They make excellent additions to both formal and casual settings.

                        For men:

                        A truly awesome sensation
                        Stay stylish and self-assured with our latest black leather jackets for men. These ageless pieces are crafted to endure and be in sync with fashion.

                        The men's leather bomber jacket is a stylish and fashionable addition to your wardrobe, featuring both classic strength and contemporary design.

                        Embellished grace
                        The men's brown leather jacket is the ultimate piece of clothing for those who crave a bold and stylish look. For those with a love for the traditional palette, these coats are perfect.

                        Embark on the adventure
                        Our biker jackets for men are designed to provide riders with thrilling adventures, making them suitable for any adventure enthusiast.

                        A fresh take on classic appeal
                        We have a selection of classic leather jackets that are sure to impress and reflect your taste in style. These new additions bring a breath of fresh air to classic designs.

                        Transform your inner pilot in a new way
                        The men's motorcycle jackets from our collection are geared towards racing lovers. Classic products are now being updated with modern twists on classic styles.

                        A perfect blend of style and refinement
                        Gain a taste of the latest and most stylish leather jackets for men. These new products are sure to make a statement in both formal and casual settings.

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