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Men's Collection

Men Two Button Leather Blazer
Regular price$298.00$189.00
    Men Military Style Vintage Leather Jacket
    Regular price$299.00$215.00
      Men Aviator B3 Bomber Black Leather Jacket
      Regular price$285.00$249.00
        Men Black G1 Aviator Real Leather Jacket
        Regular price$330.00$179.00
          Men Bloody Red Leather Jacket for Halloween
          Regular price$299.00$169.00

            Women's Collection

            Women Studs Red Leather Jacket
            Regular price$350.00$230.00
              Women Assymetrical Brown Leather Jacket
              Regular price$309.00$210.00
                Women Black Leather Slim fit Coat
                Regular price$450.00$245.00
                  Women Leather Jacket Tan Bomber Style
                  Regular price$329.00$179.00
                    Slimfit Women Designer Brown Leather Jacket
                    Regular price$309.00$179.00
                      Women Red Leather Jacket Bomber Style
                      Regular price$299.00$199.00
                        Welcome To Leather Oxide
                        Where Style Meets Elegance

                        Are you open to the idea of embracing a style that is both timeless and high-quality? We at Leather Oxide are not only offering jackets that exude confidence, individuality and unique style. The selection of leather jackets we have available is suitable for both men and women, offering a comprehensive range to suit every fashion taste.

                        For Women:

                        Revive Your Inner Diva.
                        Discover a range of leather jacket for men & women collections at Leatheroxide, which are known for their cutting edge and stylish style.

                        Classic and Synchronic
                        We offer leather jacket for men & women designs that merge traditional style with contemporary flair. From a classic black leather jacket to slick and bold biker, we have the perfect wardrobe pick-up line.

                        Luxurious Rustic Style
                        For those who appreciate earthy tones and rustic elegance, our brown leather jackets offer warmth and character, making them a versatile addition to your outfit. .

                        Ethical Luxury
                        Our faux leather jackets are a must-have for those who prioritize ethical fashion and want to wear them with all the luxury.

                        Make a Bold Statement
                        Our oversized leather jackets are designed for those who want to make a daring statement. These spacious and stylish items will make you stand out from the crowd.

                        Embrace Your Inner Rebel
                        Our red leather jacket is sure to impress and make you feel confident. These jackets instantly add color to your wardrobe, embodying a spirit of rebellion and glamour.

                        Luxury Meets Advantage
                        For a sophisticated and edgy feel, explore our collection of leather blazers for women. These adaptable pieces easily transition from formal to casual occasions, making them a necessity.

                        For Men:

                        Simple, timeless and robust
                        Delve into our range of leather jackets for men, intended to suit every style preference, from enduring classics to sturdy adventures:

                        The Epitome of Cool
                        Our black leather jacket for men transude composure and self-confidence. These leather Jackets are always a hit and will make any wardrobe look effortless.

                        Classic Durability
                        Leather bomber jackets for men from our collection are built to last and have a nostalgic feel.

                        Strong Elegance
                        A bold and refined look for men can be achieved with our selection of brown leather jackets or Leather Coats are the perfect choice for those who love earthy tones.

                        Embrace The Adventure
                        Our biker jackets for men are designed for adventurers and thrill-seekers who crave the high road.

                        A Long Lasting Apparel
                        Show off eternal appeal with our series of definitive leather jackets for men, each with its own character and history.

                        Empower The Inner Drive
                        For a stylish and sporty look, our motorcycle jackets are the perfect choice.

                        Designed For The Road
                        If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, our leather motorcycle jackets are designed to withstand the challenges of the road.
                        Make a statement with a jacket that defines your personality. Leatheroxide - Where Style Meets Substance! Shop now and step into a world of timeless fashion and enduring quality.

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